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Huge List of Money Making Apps and Sites

It’s hard to find legit money making apps these days. Before you find out that an app is a scam, you would have already wasted your time and effort in reaching its required minimum payout that you will never receive.

In order to save you a lot of time and effort, I have gathered a huge list of paying apps and sites that you could use in order to get payouts every single month, guaranteed.  All you need is an internet connection and a mobile device.  You will not spend any money for any of these online money making methods.

In this post, I will be providing you an extensive list of sites and apps that you can join and make money from. For maximum earning potential, it would be best that you join them all.

But before anything else…

Open a PayPal Account

You will have to open a PayPal account. Most of the sites where you will earn money uses PayPal as a payment gateway. Don’t worry, it’s free to open an account with Paypal. You can use this online wallet to accept or pay cash online. You can also withdraw the money you earned in Paypal to your bank account. You’ll be using PayPal to accept cash from the various money making sites and apps that you will discover in this post. So go ahead to PAYPAL.COM and open a personal account now.

Also install GCash. This is a widely accepted online wallet in the Philippines. It could also be linked to your PayPal account so that you can transfer money from one app to another.

Make Money with These Apps

There are apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store that allow you to make money. Simply click on the links to download the apps. Register and start making money.

1. Current Rewards – This app lets you earn money online just by listening to music. Install the app, register by connecting your Facebook or email, grab a headset, and start earning. Minimum payout is $1 via PayPal.

2. ClipClaps -This app wants to compete with the likes of TikTok and Snapchat. And in order to do that, the company that made the app is paying its users to use the app! Install ClipClaps right now, input this ClipClaps referral code –>  13LPA13L  to get a $1 bonus. What’s great about this app is that you will be able to withdraw money to your PayPal account right after you input the referral code! In order to enter the referral code:

  • click on the Rewards button (the gift-like button in the bottom middle of the screen)
  • click on Redeem on the upper right corner
  • then enter the code  13LPA13L 
Clipclap referral code
Clipclap referral code

3. Big Cash – You will earn a lot from this app if you get a lot of referrals. But if inviting people is not your thing, you can still make a decent amount of money by completing featured offers and watching videos. Oh, and don’t forget to input this invite code –>  gaxkmwki  to get a 70 point bonus. To enter the code, just swipe to the right once you have opened the app as shown below:

big cash invite code
big cash invite code

4. FeaturePoints – In order to make money with this app, you will be answering surveys, install games, participate in raffles and other easy to do stuff. Minimum payout is $5 via PayPal. Enter this referral code to get 50 points bonus –>  KTKX8H 

PeraSwipe – This app doesn’t pay via PayPal. But it does give out Sodexo mobile passes, Cliqq Points, and mobile prepaid load.  PeraSwipe no longer is a good app to use. You cannot redeem your points for rewards at the moment.

Make Money Online Doing Simple Tasks

You probably don’t know that there are a lot of websites out there that pay you to do simple tasks like answer surveys, watch videos, or download apps. This list will give you the highest paying and most reputable sites that you must join. You will not get rich with these sites but they will be a great start towards making money online.

  1. Neobux – One of the easiest ways to make money online. Minimum cashout is $5 via Paypal.
  2. PrizeRebel – Minimum cashout is $5 via Paypal. Earnings are a bit slow as compared to Neobux.
  3. Swagbucks – Minimum cashout is $5 via Paypal. A trusted survey site.
  4. Ysense – Minimum cashout is $10 via Paypal. A tried and tested site to make money.
  5. Earnhoney – Minimum cashout is $5 via Paypal. Earnings here are also a bit slow but they are legit.

Play Games and Earn Cash

Ever heard your parents say that playing games is a waste of time? Times have changed and playing games could actually help you pay the bills! Here’s a list of games that you could install in your mobile device that will make you money while playing. These games are not fast earners as compared to the apps and sites above. But at least, they pay.

  1. Cryptoword – a word game that pays you with bitcoin satoshi. Pays out instantly to your coinbase account.
  2. Cryptopop – a match 3 game that pays you with ethereum. Like Cryptoword, it pays instantly. You will need a coinbase account.
  3. Bitcoin Blocks – Instead of cash, you will be paid in the form of bitcoins. But this is a very slow earner. However, there is no minimum payout. You can withdraw bitcoin anytime you want.


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